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Improving Lives through Science

Let's build a better and safer future
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Esco Lifesciences Group

from Esco Lifesciences Group website
from Esco Lifesciences Group website
from Esco Lifesciences Group website
from Esco Lifesciences Group website

Esco Lifesciences Group is a leading global provider of life sciences tools headquartered in Singapore, with a mission to develop, discover and commercialize technology-driven life sciences tools. Esco provides comprehensive products and services enabling technologies, products, and services for the life sciences and healthcare industries, supporting academic research and scientific discoveries, clinical practice, as well as biopharmaceutical R&D and manufacturing.

We have balanced and diverse global operations, with business presence in over 100 countries across Asia, North America and Europe, and are dedicated to the advancement of scientific discoveries by helping our customers resolve complex analytical challenges and improve laboratory productivity. In 2021, we closed a USD200 million series A round led by Vivo Capital and Novo Holdings, with participation from GIC, EDBI, China Investment Corporation(CIC) and other sophisticated investors. Esco’s vision is to build a global life sciences ecosystem based on a unique cross-border strategy, with Singapore as the nexus between East and West.

Our Business Units

The Esco Lifesciences Group has a diversified portfolio and sales. The Esco legacy of innovation continues in the products, services, and custom solutions delivered by our business units Esco ScientificEsco Medical and Esco Healthcare.

Esco Scientific
Esco Scientific

Esco Scientific provides mission critical life sciences laboratory equipment such as biological safety cabinets, laminar flow clean benches, CO₂ and CO₂/O₂ incubators, fume hoods, centrifuges and others used in research, clinical and industrial settings for preparation, cultivation, handling and analytical purposes. By total sales revenue in 2021, we are the world’s second largest supplier of biosafety cabinets.

Esco Medical
Esco Medical

Esco Medical manufactures and sells medical devices such as incubators, workstations and consumables for IVF treatment. We are striving to continuously create modalities and systems to improve IVF success rates and provide efficient fertility technologies.

Esco Healthcare
Esco Healthcare

Esco Healthcare provides pharmaceutical equipment and bioprocessing tools. We offers high-quality and dedicated solutions to support biotech and pharma companies for the production of medicines, vaccines, and cell and gene therapies.

Esco Embraces Diversity

In the Esco Lifesciences Group, we embrace diversity. Our workforce is made up of more than 1,500 associates in over 25 countries, including 5 manufacturing sites and 6 R&D units  worldwide. Our cross-functional teams are committed to listening to and serving the needs of the scientific community by engaging our partners and end-users in frequent trainings and seminars, providing end-to-end support for our products. We are also committed to keeping our technologies and designs energy-efficient and environment-friendly.

1,500+ Employees

54 Locations, including 6 R&D units and
5 Manufacturing Sites

500,000+ Units Sold

Sales & Services
in 100+ Countries

Esco Cares

The Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance aspects in Esco have been embedded in our daily business operations through our policies, company rules, our KPIs, and ISO certifications (9001, 14001, and 13485). Our Esco offices, managers, and staff have implemented their ESG initiatives and are held accountable for them in their respective areas.

Environment-Friendly Operations

Esco recognizes the delicate balance needed to maintain the world's natural resources. We are committed to preserving the environment and making it healthier, safer, and cleaner through a strategy of continuous improvement of our compliance to all the applicable legal and societal requirements of the countries where Esco companies operate. Included in these initiatives are waste recycling projects, developing green products,  and measuring, reviewing, and reducing pollution and the environmental impact of our operations.

Social Responsibility

Esco is committed to the highest standards of social responsibility. Our corporate social responsibility programs include providing English classes for the underprivileged in Bintan, ensuring a healthy and safe working environment for our staff, looking after the well-being of our employees, and sharing Biosafety Awareness content via seminars, newsletters, and social media platforms.

Corporate Governance

We are implementing policies and guidelines to ensure responsible and ethical business conduct throughout the group. These policies include a Code of Ethics, Code of Business Conduct, and procedures to safeguard against corruption. We also follow relevant and applicable guidelines on GMOs and the handling of biological materials such as the import and management of cell lines for research and development purposes.

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