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Colin Lonsdale

Colin Lonsdale

VP - Esco Pharma

Colin Lonsdale joined in 2011 as the Esco General Manager for Pharma/Containment Equipment in the USA and as a Technical Consultant in Singapore. He relocated to Singapore to work directly with the Esco Head Office development team, further moving to and opening a facility in the USA, and now relocated to manage the facility in the UK. Colin currently serves as the Esco Lifesciences Group VP for Esco Pharma, based in the UK, and directly oversees the Esco Pharma daily operations in the USA & Europe.

Since 2000, Colin has been designing and producing custom-made containment equipment for the pharmaceutical industry. With his deep understanding of the ever-changing requirements for the industry, Colin leads with a focus on customer service, quality, continuous improvement, and instilling the Esco team culture values. He is also an advocate of health and safety in the workplace.

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