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Kim Wheeler

Kim Wheeler

Sales Director

Our Sales Director, Kim Wheeler, brings decades of sales expertise and leadership to our company. Kim's professional journey to Esco is characterized by an unwavering commitment to integrity and a dedication to excellence. Starting her career in pharmaceutical sales, Kim dedicated years to contributing significantly to the success of industry giants. Her involvement in prior district sales manager programs marked the beginning of her leadership roles. Subsequently seeking professional growth, her openness paved the way for her transition to Esco.

Kim has since spearheaded impactful projects, most notably overseeing the successful rollout of the Esco Sales Training Program across our business units. Additionally, she played a pivotal role in implementing leadership training initiatives, providing more structure to our Medical BU, and eventually the whole company. Kim strongly advocates for a rigid structure that emphasizes accountability, clear expectations or KPIs, and defined parameters to help us drive sales performance that elevates sales performance. Overall, as the Sales Director, she is responsible for developing and executing a comprehensive sales strategy, overseeing sales teams worldwide, and driving revenue growth through market expansion, relationship management, and strategic planning to achieve our sales objectives.

Kim also underscores the importance of effective communication within the sales team. Drawing insights from her past experiences, she highlights the importance of cross-functional communication. She firmly believes that this approach is indispensable for building a collaborative and well-informed work environment and navigating challenges as a team.

Her leadership style, characterized by a consultative, transparent, and integrity-driven approach, has not only left a lasting impression on our sales team but has also resonated positively throughout the entire company. Her leadership extends beyond the attainment of our company’s goals, reflecting a deep-seated commitment to doing what is ethically right for both clients and the company. Her experience in the pharmaceutical sector, coupled with an ardent passion for leadership, growth, and unwavering integrity, continues to shape the success and trajectory of Esco’s sales team.

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