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Lim Lay Yew

Lim Lay Yew

& Executive Director

Mr. Lim Lay Yew co-founded Esco with Mdm. Low Yae Foong in 1978. He has more than 40 years of management and industry experience.

In the early years of Esco, Mr. Lim was in charge of global business development. He expanded Esco from Singapore to set up its local offices in Malaysia, Thailand,  Hong Kong, the Philippines, and China. He also established Esco's state-of-the-art functional design, manufacturing, testing, and logistics distribution facility in Bintan, Indonesia. 

During his tenure as the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Lim gave the senior management team a sounding board: helped with setting and evaluating the strategic direction, holding managers and executives accountable, providing objectivity and guidance, and overseeing the succession process. He set the gold standard for work ethic in Esco, serving as a role model for all to follow.

Currently, Mr. Lim continues to serve on the board as the ambassador of the company at large, supporting the CEO and senior management team in projecting the company's vision and values. He ensures that the environmental, social, and corporate governance aspects of Esco's operations continue to support community-building and environmental protection. He continuously mentors high-potential Esco leaders who can make a significant positive contribution to the world.

Mr. Lim earned his B.Sc. in Pharmacy at the University of Singapore.

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