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Robert Raics

Robert Raics

General Manager of Esco Healthcare US

Robert Raics brings over more than three decades of management experience in important roles in commercial and clinical fields in pharmaceutical manufacturing to Esco.

As General Manager of Esco Healthcare in the US, Robert uses his extensive operational experience to provide valuable insights from our customers to help us understand their needs and expectations, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty. Guided by values of continuous improvement and innovative initiatives, he emphasizes the importance of Lean Six Sigma tools in implementing our processes and driving positive change, focusing on product quality improvements and diversifying revenue streams through lead lining of equipment and R&D efforts.

Robert uses transformational and collaborative leadership approaches built around transparency and inclusive decision-making. Effective communication, collaboration, and receptiveness between management and staff are facilitated through openness and a willingness to listen to diverse perspectives.

Robert believes that as a company, it's crucial to recognize that we are integral to a larger community. Our employees build their lives and families in the regions we serve, urging us to actively explore opportunities to support our local communities.

Robert's extensive experience, invaluable contributions, and commitment to continuous improvement, collaborative leadership, and social responsibility reflects his dedication to excellence and molding Esco towards success.

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