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XL Lin

XL Lin

Executive Director and Deputy CEO

XL Lin is Executive Director and Deputy CEO of Esco Lifesciences Group, he is also the founder, CEO and president of Esco Aster.

XL has taken on various roles in Esco, from sales, marketing of life science tools, and Singapore Local Sales/Service General Manager, to Market Development Director. In March 2009, he formed the Esco Healthcare division. He developed, designed, engineered, and oversaw the manufacturing, validation, and selling of Esco's first downflow booths and aseptic isolators with hydrogen peroxide bio-decontamination. XL also provided strategic leadership for the company's new product development and strategic roadmap, leading the corporate executive team with 3 regional HQs serving the global market.

In June 2015, with a vision to assist with vaccine manufacturing self-sufficiency in Southeast Asia, he founded Esco Aster, a bioprocessing tools and services provider to reduce the cost of vaccine manufacturing for the developing world. Esco Aster is now an independent CDMO in the Esco Lifesciences Group, running primarily on the patented Tide Motion Adherent Cell Platform, specializing in providing GMP scale-up services for cell and gene therapies, and cellular agriculture.

XL earned his B.Sc. from the University of Sydney in Australia.

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